Tips and Tricks

Last modified: November 16, 2013

Basic Investing Tips

  • First and foremost never invest without doing sufficient research to support your investment decision. People who blindly invest in the stock market will quickly fall victim to the pitfalls of investing. Do not rely on a single source for making your decision. Look at the financial foundation of the security in which you are interested. Taking a small amount of time to do this can pay off big when it keeps you from taking a blind leap of faith into a potentially bad investment. ANNI provides easy access to a multitude of online resources for all of your investments which allows you to do more extensive research in a short period of time to increase your odds of success. ANNI also provides a Quick Analysis tool for Professional users that quickly performs over 64 Fundamental and Technical tests in a few seconds and then displays the results in an easy to read form.

  • Second biggest tip that cannot be stressed enough is to diversify. Diversifying your capital will help protect you against a potential large drop in your total portfolio value if all your capital had been invested into a single security that suddenly had a serious problem. Diversifying greatly increases your chance of success over the long term. Diversifying does not mean having twenty different stocks all in a single sector either. When the .com bubble burst, the entire tech sector fell. Diversifying means spreading out your investments between several different sectors and even investment types. ANNI provides a useful utility, the Chance of Success tool, which allows you to put into it several key factors to produce exact figures as to what percentage of your total capital to invest in each security you own (or about to own) to guarantee the highest possibility of success.

Basic ANNI Tips

  • Review the Online Tutorials to quickly learn all of the features and benefits ANNI has to offer. By making the most of ANNI, you will provide a valuable asset to your investment needs and strategies.

  • ANNI should be run all the time. ANNI has built in support to automatically open your last Portfolio File and immediately begin training the ANNI Files as soon as you start Windows (see Startup Options for more details). Now you can be assured you'll remember to train all the time. In addition the latest version now supports CPU throttling which provides a means to prevent 100% CPU usage. This is a great feature for laptop users that don't want their laptops overheating.

  • Learn to use ANNI's Portfolio Groups. Portfolio Groups are an effective way to manage large portfolios of modeled securities. Portfolio Groups allow individual management of a group of stocks. This includes news, advanced graphs, training times, performance and output logs for each security.

  • There is a lot of mouse integration throughout ANNI. Try clicking your right mouse button to see what options come up depending on where you are. Also in the Prediction and Trade System Graphs, there is further left mouse button features as well.

  • Most Advanced Prediction System views can be left up when accessing other views by clicking on the pushpin in the upper right corner of the view. Closing the view will snap it back into place or hide it all together if you are not currently on that view.

  • If you ever need help with a particular view or would simply like to learn more about it to make the most out of ANNI, just push the F1 key for immediate assistance. The help file will instantly open up to the exact page associated to the view you are currently on. The Help File provides extensive information about all the views and tools inside of ANNI along with links to online tutorials that are available and associated to the particular view you would like more information on. Check it out, it's a fantastic resource to put your use of ANNI into overdrive.

Advanced ANNI Tips

  • If you have access to a network of computers, you can setup multiple computers to train on the same group of files. First create a shared folder were all ANNI files will be located. Then set up the newly shared folder under the same drive letter for all computers accessing the files (use the same drive letter as the hosting computer if the hosting computer will be accessing the files also). Create a Portfolio file for each group of files that you want all computers to train on. Then when you open the Portfolio file, select a file that is a few files out of sync with the rest of the computers running the same Portfolio file. This way all the computers can work through each of the files without stepping on each other. You can increase your computing power by the amount of all computers accessing the files limited only by total number of files vs. total number of computers.

  • For the ultimate analysis on one stock, set up multiple files of the same stock but choose different Intraday Intervals and/or different training parameters. Add all of these files to a single Portfolio (possibly split up via Portfolio Groups). Train as normal and compare the outlook of all the different files. This approach adds a new dimension to your research since each file will be viewing the data at a different level. If you see the majority of all the files agree, you have a much greater chance of success.

  • Run the Cross Correlation Analysis (a Professional only feature) on an entire directory. Make sure you select yes to export the results. Open the results in Excel (or similar spreadsheet type program) and take a group decision of the top correlated securities for a final output. This provides a robust approach to the use of the Cross Correlation Analysis beyond what a single analysis can provide.

Custom Data Files

Find information about Custom Data Files here.

Hidden Features

Find information about Hidden Features here

Note: Hidden features are features that have been created for one purpose or another and are not currently exposed to the public. This means they are not supported features and that any use of these features are not guaranteed to work. Use of these features means you understand and accept these terms. Of course any feedback you would like to provide regarding the Hidden Features would be greatly appreciated since they could eventually be cleaned up and exposed to the public.

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