Add Ons and 3rd Party Services

DTN (IQFeed) - Provider of Historical and Streaming Data

ANNI provides full integration to DTN's IQFeed streaming data services which adds a new level of performance to ANNI like never before. This allows serious investors to take full advantage of everything ANNI has to offer providing an advantage like no other (this is a must have service if you are a day trader, short term trader, swing trader, aggressive trader or just one of those investors that always wants to stay on top of your investments).

IQFeed's services provide streaming data and retrieval features that are not available with Yahoo. Their data is updated much quicker than Yahoo and in addition provide Intraday Historical Data along with Real-Time, Delayed and Level II Streaming Data capabilities (depending on your services). ANNI has many tools and features that become active or are considerably enhanced with the use of IQFeed's streaming data (such as ANNI's real-time Neural Net predictor that can be ran on all your investments simultaneously with minimal impact to CPU resources) providing additional investment opportunities that are simply not available using Yahoo’s free services (ANNI's default data provider). DTN offers a free trial subscription (if you've never used their services before) so there is absolutely no risk involved making it easier to see what a difference IQFeed with ANNI can make. Click here to go to the IQFeed Subscription Sign Up site to try it out now.

See the IQFeed Advantage with ANNI for complete details.

Note: If you are already subscribed to IQFeed's services, you can use it with ANNI immediately (just have the IQFeed API installed on the same computer as ANNI). - Provider of Financial Information

ANNI also provides partial integration with services. ANNI's Brokerage Ratings Analysis tool and Earnings Analysis tool are both tied into services. ANNI can access the free services, but unfortunately those are only updated automatically 3x per day by ANNI. If you find these tools useful you may want a real time subscription with in order to bring near real time updates into these tools. Having near real time updates, especially with the Brokerage Ratings Analysis tool, can make a considerable difference in profit (for potential opportunities) as well as helping to protect capital (in the likely hood that a currently held stock receives a new rating that is not beneficial to your holdings, it provides an opportunity for you to exit prior to the stock dropping). Any of paid subscriptions will allow ANNI to operate in near real time mode for these two tools.

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